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    Source: Pakistan Cricket Board
    Year: 2015
      Punjab2015Pakistan Cricket BoardCricket010 
    Source: Sports Board Punjab
    Year: 2015
      Punjab2015Sports Board PunjabBadminton168 
      Punjab2015Sports Board PunjabTable Tennis198 
      Punjab2015Sports Board PunjabCricket1710 
      Punjab2015Sports Board PunjabHockey426 
      Punjab2015Sports Board PunjabKabaddi170 
      Punjab2015Sports Board PunjabHandball80 
      Punjab2015Sports Board PunjabFootball4622 
      Punjab2015Sports Board PunjabWrestling100 
      Punjab2015Sports Board PunjabJudo40 
      Punjab2015Sports Board PunjabBasketball120 
      Punjab2015Sports Board PunjabKarate40 
      Punjab2015Sports Board PunjabVolleyball141 
      Punjab2015Sports Board PunjabAthletics3412 
      Punjab2015Sports Board PunjabWushu20 
      Punjab2015Sports Board PunjabBoxing30 
      Punjab2015Sports Board PunjabSquash20 
      Punjab2015Sports Board PunjabWeight Lifting100 
      Punjab2015Sports Board PunjabSwimming120 
      Punjab2015Sports Board PunjabLawn Tennis81 
      Punjab2015Sports Board PunjabPrecedent Sports20 
      Punjab2015Sports Board PunjabRugby20 
      Punjab2015Sports Board PunjabBaseball230 
      Punjab2015Sports Board PunjabTaekwondo60 
      Punjab2015Sports Board PunjabBody Building40 
      Punjab2015Sports Board PunjabGymnastic10