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    PunjabMines and Mineral Department Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20172630
    PunjabBahawalpur Development Authority Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20171440
    PunjabCholistan Development Authority Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions2017910
    PunjabBahawalpur Muesum Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions2017320
    PunjabUniversity of Engg & Technology - Taxila  Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions2017339740
    PunjabMarket Committees Provincial Fund Board Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions2017400
    PunjabDirector General Pest Warning & Qaulity Control of Pesticides - Punjab Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20171320
    PunjabSadiq Public School Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions201771810
    PunjabHuman Rights and Minorities Affairs Department Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20171910
    PunjabChief Minister's Inspection Team Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20171710
    PunjabSecretary - Blood Transfusion Authority Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions2017300
    PunjabPunjab Service Tribunal Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20172600
    Punjab Govt. College of Science - Wahdat Road  Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions2017151100
    PunjabWalled City of Lahore Authority Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions201771180
    PunjabProvincial Quality Control Board Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions201716130
    PunjabParks & Horticulture Authority Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions2017800
    PunjabMultan Institute of Cardiology. Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20171593550
    PunjabUniversity College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences Islamia University Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20173540
    PunjabThe Punjab Institute of Language - Art and Culture Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions2017330
    PunjabDirector Reclamation and Probation - Punjab Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20171110
    PunjabManagement and Professional Development Department Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions2017110
    PunjabChairman - Minimum Wages Board - Punjab Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions2017200
    PunjabDirector General (Research) - Livestock and Dairy Department - Punjab Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions201737280
    PunjabChief - Planning & Evaluation Cell Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20172540
    PunjabSociety for the Prevention to Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions2017100
    PunjabDirector General of Labour Welfare - Punjab Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions201722390
    PunjabPunjab Education Foundation Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions2017700
    PunjabDirector - National Education Equipment Center - Punjab Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions2017740
    PunjabDirector - Consumer Protection Council (CPC) Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions2017200
    PunjabParks & Horticulture Authority Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions201711420
    PunjabUniversity of Education  Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20172232210
    PunjabChief Engineer Irrigation - Research Zone -Lahore Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions2017400
    PunjabChief Inspector of Treasuries and Accounts. Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20171810
    PunjabChief Engineer - Public Health Engineering Punjab - South Zone Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20173100
    PunjabGovt. Post Graduate College Talinwala Jhelum Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20172400
    PunjabCadet College - Okara Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions2017400
    PunjabDirector Civil Defence - Punjab Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20171040
    PunjabAdministrator - Zakat and Ushr - Punjab Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions2017500
    PunjabGovernment College University  Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions2017108430
    Punjab University of the Punjab Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20173011710
    PunjabSouth Punjab Forest Company Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions2017000
    PunjabParks & Horticulture Authority - Multan Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20171420
    PunjabFaisalabad Development Authority Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20175420
    PunjabGujranwala Development Authority Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20171800
    PunjabPunjab Vocational Training Council Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions2017272340
    PunjabBoards of Intermediate and Secondary Education Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20176420
    PunjabBoard of Revenue Endowment Fund for Rural Education Trust Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions2017100
    PunjabFood Department Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20171320
    PunjabProject Director -Children Library Complex Punjab Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions2017000
    PunjabRegulation S&GAD Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20173740
    PunjabPunjab Halal Development Agency Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions2017000
    PunjabParks & Horticulture Authority - Rawalpindi Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20172010
    PunjabLahore Transport Company (LTC) Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions2017100
    PunjabDirector - National Museum of Science & Technology - Lahore Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions2017120
    PunjabGovt. Post Graduate College for Women -Satellite Town Rawalpindi Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions201701460
    PunjabCadet College Hassan Abdal Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20174000
    PunjabBoards of Intermediate and Secondary Education - Sargodha Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20176650
    PunjabParks & Horticulture Authority Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20171120
    PunjabGovt. Post Graduate College for Women - Sahiwal Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20170750
    PunjabBoards of Intermediate and Secondary Education Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20179300
    PunjabGovet SE College Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions2017123150
    PunjabGovt. College - Farid Town - Sahiwal Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions2017111140
    PunjabLawrence College - Ghora Gali - Murree Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions201743220
    PunjabUniversity of Gujrat - Gujrat  Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20175753840
    PunjabChief Conservator of Forests (Northern Zone) -Rawalpindi Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20173710
    PunjabCadet College Pasrur - Sialkot Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20172300
    PunjabChief Conservator of Forests (Southern Zone) - Multan Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20171000
    PunjabLahore Muesum Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions2017840
    PunjabGovt. Post Graduate College for Women - Sialkot  Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions2017331490
    PunjabDirector General Soil Survey of Punjab Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions2017910
    PunjabNishtar Institute of Dentistry - Multan.  Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions201746350
    PunjabChief Engineer Irrigation - Multan Zone Multan Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20173410
    PunjabLahore Ring Road Authority Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20174750
    PunjabDirector General - Social Welfare and Bait ul Maal - Punjab Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions201764420
    PunjabServices S&GAD Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions2017610110
    Punjab Nishtar Medical College/ Hospital - Multan Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions201746350
    PunjabGovt. Murray College - Sialkot  Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20171400
    PunjabPunjab Privatization Board Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20176900
    PunjabMultan Development Authority Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20174570
    PunjabBoards of Intermediate and Secondary Education - Multan Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions201716330
    PunjabProvincial Assembly of the Punjab Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions201716450
    PunjabUniversity of Agriculture Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20176391500
    PunjabGovt. Emerson College Bosan Road - Multan  Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions2017120180
    PunjabBoard of Technology Education Punjab Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20174330
    PunjabDirectorate General of Industries - Price - Weight and Measures - Punjab Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20173750
    PunjabController - Printing and Stationaery - Punjab Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20171000
    PunjabParks & Horticulture Authority - Sahiwal Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions2017200
    PunjabDirector General (Extension) - Livestock and Dairy Department - Punjab Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20171410
    PunjabTechnical Education and Vocational Training Authority (TEVTA) Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions201721324300
    PunjabLiteracy and Non Formal Basic Education Department Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20171710
    PunjabParks & Horticulture Authority - Sargodha Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions2017300
    PunjabPunjab Examination Commission Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20173290
    PunjabRawalpindi Development Authority Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20171900
    PunjabPir Mehr Ali Shah University of Arid Agriculture - Rawalpindi. Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions2017265720
    PunjabGovt. College for Women - Katchery Road -Multan Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions2017462390
    PunjabPunjab Mineral Development Corporation (PUNJMIN) Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20173430
    PunjabGovt. MAO College  Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions2017123230
    PunjabOffice of the Ombudsperson Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions2017220
    PunjabChief Engineer Irrigation - Sargodha Zone  Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20174020
    PunjabDirector - Women Development Punjab Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20172180
    PunjabRawalpindi Institute of Cardiology - Rawalpindi Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions201750400
    PunjabPunjab Irrigation & Drainage Authority (PIDA) Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20177140
    PunjabChildren's Hospital and Institute of Child Health - Multan Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20172583410
    PunjabLabour and Human Resource Department Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions201711418250
    Punjab Punjab Medical Faculty Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions2017400
    PunjabPunjab Economic Research Institute (PERI) Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions2017610
    PunjabChief Engineer Irrigation D.G Khan Zone Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20179000
    PunjabGhazi Khan Medical College/Hospital Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions201747340
    PunjabPunjab Small Industries Corporation (PSIC) Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions2017158130
    PunjabPunjab Poultry Research and Development Board Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions201734100
    PunjabBaha-ud-Din Zikaryia University - Multan.  Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20174721540
    PunjabFatima Jinnah Women University - Rawalpindi  Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20171132290
    PunjabGovt. Post Graduate College Tahsil Ckowk Chakwal Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20175600
    PunjabGovt. Gordon College -Rawalpindi Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions201715150
    PunjabPunjab Agricultural Research Board Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions2017900
    PunjabDirector General - Agriculture (Research) - Punjab Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20172291420
    PunjabGovt. College for Women -Chandi Chowk - Sargodha Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions201721130
    PunjabPunjab Workers Welfare Board Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20172710
    PunjabGovernment College - Kahuta Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20172180
    PunjabBoards of Intermediate and Secondary Education - Rawalpindi Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions201715670
    PunjabQuaid-e-Azam Medical College / B.V Hospital Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions201750210
    PunjabPunjab Seed Corporation Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20176720
    PunjabParks & Horticulture Authority Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions2017000
    PunjabImprovement Trust Sargodha Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions2017200
    PunjabGovt. Ambala Muslim College Sargodha Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20177000
    PunjabGovt. Post Graduate College Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20172420
    PunjabPunjab Employees Social Security Institution Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20179168160
    PunjabDirector General Monitoring and Evaluation Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20172110
    PunjabFort Monroe Development Authority Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20171730
    PunjabPunjab Revenue Authority Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions2017000
    PunjabDirector General Fisheries - Punjab Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions2017400
    PunjabDirector General (Wildlife and Parks) - Punjab Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions2017100330
    PunjabDirector of Agricultural Information - Punjab Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20174340
    PunjabPunjab Medical College/Allied Hospitals Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions201781440
    PunjabPunjab Forensic Science Agency Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions2017163310
    Punjab Govt. College for Women Satellite Town Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20170240
    PunjabThe Women University Multan Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions2017462390
    PunjabThe Tourism Development Corporation of Punjab Ltd Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions2017000
    PunjabPunjab Industrial Estates Development and Management Company Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions2017000
    PunjabGC Women University Sialkot Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions2017331490
    PunjabParks & Horticulture Authority Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20172320
    PunjabRegional Agricultural Economic Development Centre (RAEDC) Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions2017610
    PunjabVeterinary Faculty - Baha Uddin Zakaria University -Multan Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20173630
    Punjab Govt. College for Boys Satellite Town Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions201716900
    PunjabImprovement Trust Murree Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions2017100
    PunjabPunjab Housing & Town Planning Agency (PHATA) Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions2017900
    PunjabDirector General - Agency for Barani Area Development Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20172010
    PunjabVeterinary Faculty - Pir Mehr Ali Shah University of Arid Agriculture - Rawalpindi Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20173420
    PunjabKhawaja Muhammad Safdar Medical College/Hospital - Sialkot Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions201742380
    PunjabGovt. Post Graduate College - Samanabad Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20178230
    PunjabOffice of the Provincial Ombudsman Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20177370
    PunjabUniversity of Sargodha - Sargodha  Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions201726603170
    PunjabKilla Gift Fund Trust Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions2017000
    PunjabKilla Gift Fund Trust - Toba Tek Singh Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions2017000
    PunjabFaisalabad Institute of Cardiology Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20171022720
    PunjabPlanning and Development Department Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions2017174170
    PunjabDirector General Local Governement & Community Development - Punjab Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20175660
    PunjabBoards of Intermediate and Secondary Education Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions201718200
    PunjabDirector Public Instruction (SE) Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions201710280
    PunjabGovernment College University Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions2017222980
    PunjabSahiwal Medical College/Hospital - Sahiwal Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions201764930
    PunjabPunjab Social Protection Authority Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20171940
    PunjabDirector General Monitoring & Evaluation Planning Development Department Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20171650
    PunjabDirectorate General Health Services Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20179360
    PunjabDirectorate of Breed Improvement Livestock and Dairy Development Department Punjab Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20175540
    PunjabSahiwal Medical College Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions201764930
    PunjabIRMNCH & Nutrition Programme Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions201755130
    PunjabPunjab Pharamacy Council Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions2017400
    PunjabPunjab Board of Investment and Trade (PBIT) Lahore Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions2017710
    PunjabDirector General Environmental Protection Agency - Punjab. Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20171520
    PunjabDirector General (Production) - Livestock and Dairy Department - Punjab Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20172720
    PunjabChief Conservator of Forests (Central Zone) -Lahore. Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions201716580
    PunjabDirector General Protocol -Punjab Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20171100
    PunjabRegistrar - Co-operative Societies - Punjab Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions2017900
    PunjabDirector General - Agriculture ( Water Management) - Punjab Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions201724160
    PunjabDirector General of Public Realtions - Punjab Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20171310
    PunjabChief Inspector of Mines - Punjab Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20176310
    PunjabChief Conservator of Forests (Planning - Monitoring & Evalution) - Punjab Lahore Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20174530
    PunjabAgriculture (Extension & AR) Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions2017135340
    PunjabChief Engineer Irrigation - Drainage & Flood Zone -Lahore Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions2017900
    PunjabChief Engineer - Buildings -North Zone. Data from Provincial Departments/Institutions20172700