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Economic Participation and Opportunities

Labour markets are one of the key mechanisms through which the disadvantageous groups can harbour the benefits of growth. Access to Labour Markets and, more specifically, an opportunity to decent work are imperative for diminishing the inequalities between men and women. Women’s participation in labour force not only serves to augment the household income and welfare but also provides tremendous impetus to enchased participation in public affairs

Increasing opportunities for women will help improve economic performance and promote equity. If women are seen as economically productive, more families will invest in female education and healthcare, and more women in the future will be able to increase their productivity. However, women still face discrimination and persistent gender inequalities. Once the drivers of, and constraints on, women’s economic opportunity are identified, policy makers can address these to enhance their roles in the economy. It is also intended to prompt improvements in policy and programs that will encourage women’s participation in the workplace and thus create more productive economies overall.