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Education is a basic human right that fosters economic growth and human development. International consensus on education priorities accords an important place to achieving gender equality in the educational sphere. In the Global Gender Gap Report 2015, the gender gap in educational attainment has decreased compared to 2006 and now stands at 95%. However, Pakistan still ranks at 135 out of a total of 145 countries.

Deprivation in education is one of the main causes of poverty and inequality. However, this is a two way relationship: poverty and inequality are also among the main causes of educational deprivation. Educating girls produces many additional socio-economic gains that benefit entire societies. These benefits include increased economic productivity, higher family incomes, delayed marriages, reduced fertility rates, and improved health and survival rates for infants and children.

The Government of Pakistan is a signatory to many international treaties aimed at providing quality education, especially for females. Hence, it is important to monitor progress with respect to achieving education related goals that aim to enhance gender equity and economic empowerment.